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Local health departments work to improve the health of people and communities in North Carolina. Support resources that the division provides to health departments include generalized nursing consultation, administrative consultation, and accreditation.

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 Administrative and Financial Support Unit - Updated 07/06/20

Aid to Counties (ATC) Toolkit

Administrative Monitoring

Budget Preparation, Maintenance of Effort and Reports

Consolidated Agreement and Program Agreement Addenda

Forms and Tools - Added 05/06/20

Frequently Asked Questions

News and Notes

Quarterly Administrative and Financial Consultant Newsletters - Added 07/06/20

- Contacts Updated 07/10/20

- Community Health Assessment

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- Guidelines for the Products

- Important Links

Data Links

Data is made available for each calendar year and may be released early.

The 2018 County Health Data Book is to be used for the assessments conducted during 2018 and due in 2019. For the CHA due in 2019, data from the 2018 County Health Data Book (generally 2016 data) is considered current.
Newer reports in the County Health Book include:

  • Births Where Mothers Smoked During Pregnancy
  • Births to Medicaid and WIC Mothers
  • Life Expectancy
  • Poisoning Deaths

Local Health Department Accreditation

National Resources

- Archived Resources

- Continuing Nursing Education

The Public Health Nursing Institute for Continuing Excellence (PHNICE) serves NC Public Health Nurses by providing continuing education in the form of evidence-based Nursing Continuing Professional Development (NCPD). The PHNICE sits in the Local Technical Assistance and Training Branch. The PHNICE provides high-quality, evidence-based continuing professional development that is timely and relevant to current public health nursing practice. Educational activities provided by the PHNICE are developed primarily to meet the educational needs of NC Public Health Nurses. However, we know that Public Health Nurses do not work in a vacuum. Therefore, our courses and content areas often meet the educational needs of other public health staff, including Advanced-Practice Practitioners (NPs and PAs), physicians, and other public health professionals. The PHNICE works independently and also partners with public, private, academic, and other public health practice entities to jointly provide NCPD.


Kristin W. Briggs, MSN, RN, NCSN
Director, Public Health Nursing Institute for Continuing Excellence
Workforce Development Contract Administrator
Division of Public Health
Local Technical Assistance and Training Branch
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

"Principles and Practices of Public Health Nursing" Course

This course is mandated by administrative rule to be completed within the first year of hire for any associate degree or diploma-prepared RN hired by a local health department. It is recommended for any RN that is new to NC Public Health. The course is offered twice a year -- in the spring and fall. Course registration is handled by the NC Institute for Public Health at UNC-CH Gillings School of Global Public Health and e-mail announcements are sent to each local health department prior to each course.

- COVID-19 - Updated 07/17/20

COVID-19 Webinars

COVID-19 Templates

  • Telehealth Medical Services COVID-19 Policy and Procedure Template - Updated 04/29/20

- Disaster Shelter Resources - Updated 08/05/20

- Documentation and Coding - Updated 06/01/20

COVID-19 Update

The Coding and Billing Guidance Document (CBGD), Version 15 was released March 2020.

At the time of its release, we had anticipated providing a regular update in June 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we will be postponing this routine update to the CBGD.

  • In the interim, please continue to reference Version 15 of the CBGD for general coding and billing issues.
  • Also, there is now a COVID-19 folder directly above.
    • Within the "COVID-19" folder there is a living document, "COVID-19 Billing Quick Guide," which is updated as guidance changes regarding COVID-19. Please refresh this guide often, as it has already been updated several times.
    • "NC Medicaid Billing Changes in Response to COVID-19" is also available under the COVID-19 folder.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Regional Nurse Consultant and/or Administrative Consultant with the LTAT Branch with any coding and billing questions not located in these documents.


Coding and Billing Guidance Documents

Coding and Billing Quick Guides - 06/01/20

Coding and Billing Trainings and Handouts

Below are Coding and Billing Guidance Document training modules and handouts, archived by topic.

Coding and Billing Review Documents and Tools

Coding and Billing Resources

Documentation Guidelines - The following documents provide general principles of evaluation and management (E/M) documentation, common sets of codes used to bill for E/M services, and E/M services providers.

Documentation Guidance from Licensing Boards

ICD Coding Resources

- Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

- Pharmacy (previously labeled as Dispensing for Public Health Registered Nurses)

The new PHN Dispensing Training is now available below. PHN&PDU is no longer offering continuing education credits in association with the training. Your pharmacist may use these materials for training, but you will need to issue your own certificate of completion and maintain your own attendance and training agenda records for Accreditation and the Board of Pharmacy. Please continue to send a copy of the attendance roster to the office PHN&PDU each time a training is offered in your agency.

- Policy and Procedure Development and Related Tools

Policies and procedures may be found under each of their respective topic headers below.

Fee Development and Fee Setting

Registration and Financial Eligibility

Billing and Collection of Revenue



Additional Resources


- Practice Management

- Problem Oriented Health Record (POHR)

For DPH program forms (including POHR forms) see program websites.

- Standing Orders

- Telemedicine

- Training Opportunities - Updated 05/11/20

- Training Reimbursement - New 07/27/20

Subject to the availability of funds and approval of the Local Technical Assistance & Training Branch's Public Health Nursing and Professional Development Unit (PHNPDU), the LHD may request reimbursement for:

  1. Nursing service personnel participating in Principles and Practices of Public Health Nursing course. Reimbursement is $400 per participant upon successful completion of the course.
  2. LHD Management/Supervision level staff participating in the Management and Supervision for Public Health Professionals course. Reimbursement is $600 per participant upon successful completion of the course.

Reimbursement requests must be submitted by the LHD to within the same fiscal year the course is completed.
Funds Reimbursement Request Form (Excel, 44 KB)


Last Modified: August 05, 2020