Women's and Children's Health Section: Immunization Branch

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Controlling the spread of infectious diseases through immunization is one of medicine's most significant accomplishments. Vaccination programs are proven to be a cost-effective means of disease prevention that have saved millions from death.

The North Carolina Immunization Branch, part of the N.C. Division of Public Health, oversees the North Carolina Immunization Program (NCIP). The NCIP strives to meet two goals - (1) to keep children in their medical homes, and (2) to remove cost as a barrier to age-appropriate immunizations. The NCIP provides many of the vaccines required for school entry - at no charge - for eligible children from birth through 18 years of age. Through the NCIP vaccines are distributed to health care providers at no charge. More than 95 percent of pediatricians who administer vaccines to children in North Carolina participate in this program. Health care providers may not charge a patient for the cost of an NCIP vaccine; however, they may charge vaccine administration fees.

Last Modified: June 17, 2019