Division of Public Health Contacts

On-Call and Emergency

  • Faxes of COVID/SARS-CoV-2 and other Communicable Disease test results: Fax them to the Communicable Disease Branch at 919-733-0490
  • Public Health Epidemiologist On-Call: 919-733-3419 (Use this number 24/7 for communicable disease concerns, including reportable conditions.)
  • For other public health emergencies, contact the Public Health Preparedness and Response Branch, 24/7 at 888-820-0520.)

General Business

P: 919-707-5000 (M-F, 8AM-5PM; General Business Line)

M: Division of Public Health
1931 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1931

5605 Six Forks Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27609

Additional Division Contact Information

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 Administrative, Local, and Community Support

 Chronic Disease and Injury Section

 Environmental Health

Phone: 919-707-5854
Environmental Health Contacts


Main Office

Phone: (919) 733-3421

Communicable Disease

Epidemiology: Communicable Disease Contacts

Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology

Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Contacts

Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response

PHP&R Contacts

 Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

Phone: (919) 743-9000
OCME Contacts

 Oral Health

Phone: (919) 707-5480
Oral Health Contacts

 State Laboratory

 State Center for Health Statistics

Phone: (919) 733-4728
SCHS Contacts

 Women's and Children's Health

Main Office

Phone: (919) 707-5510
Women's and Children's Health Contacts

Children and Youth

Phone: (919) 707-5600
Children and Youth Branch Contacts

Early Intervention

Phone: (919) 707-5520
Early Intervention Branch Contacts


Phone: (919) 707-5550
Immunization Branch Contacts

Nutrition Services

Phone: (919) 707-5800
Nutrition Services Branch Contacts

Women's Health Branch

Phone: (919) 707-5700
Women's Health Branch Contacts

Public Health Division Management Team

Team Member (Name, Email, Title) Phone Number
Mark Benton, Assistant Secretary for Public Health, Division of Public Health; Contact by Email (919) 707-5000
Susan Kansagra, Senior Deputy Director; Contact by Email (919) 707-5000
Beth Lovette, Deputy Director; Section Chief for Administrative, Local, and Community Support; Contact by Email (919) 707-5000
Jeneen Preciose, Business Director; Contact by Email (919) 707-5070
Andrea Porterfield, Human Resources Manager; Contact by Email (919) 707-5450
ClarLynda Williams-Devane, Director, State Center for Health Statistics; Contact by Email (919) 792-5741
Michelle Aurelius, Chief Medical Examiner, Medical Examiner's Office; Contact by Email (919) 743-9000
Susan Kansagra, Section Chief, Chronic Disease and Injury Section; Contact by Email (919) 707-5200
Kelly Kimple, Section Chief, Women's and Children's Health Section; Contact by Email (919) 707-5510
Larry Michael, Section Chief, Environmental Health Section; Contact by Email (919) 707-5855
Zack Moore, Section Chief, Epidemiology Section; Contact by Email (919) 546-1725
Virginia Niehaus, Chief, Office of Regulatory and Legal Affairs; Contact by Email (919) 707-5006
ClarLynda Williams-Devane, Director of Vital Records and State Registrar; Contact by Email (919) 707-5006
Scott Shone, Director, State Laboratory of Public Health; Contact by Email (919) 733-7834
Sarah Tomlinson, Chief, Oral Health Section; Contact by Email (919) 707-5480
Susan Little,, Chief Public Health Nurse, LTAT; Contact by Email (919) 707-5131

Last Modified: 05-13-2021